Back in the mid 1990s, shortly after Dealing with Dragons came out, I was asked to join a panel of folks to talk about dragons, and the topic I was handed to talk about was “Dragons and Gender Bias.” After blinking several times, I asked the moderator just what he expected me to talk about with a title like that, since I didn’t think he’d be too happy if I stood up and said “Dragons don’t have any gender bias. Thank you very much.” and sat down again.


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    I finally know why Cimorene’s character was so out of place in the last book!! Because it was written first!
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    I’m not familiar with this series, but I love the points she makes about literature. I tend to interpret many stories as...
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    I also did not know that Talking to Dragons was written first and I will read it first on my next re-read. But honestly...
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    This is really interesting. i definitely did not know that Talking to Dragons came first in the series, though when i...
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